Root Canal Therapy

There is a tissue known as dental pulp which is a section of soft tissues containing nerves, blood, and lymph vessels found within your tooth. When this dental pulp is unable to repair itself due to disease or injury, there is a risk of it dying. The reason for this is that a cracked tooth or deep cavity can allow bacteria to enter the pulp and cause inflammation or the pulp’s health to degrade. When the pulp becomes infected, your dentist in Whitby may recommend that you remove the damaged pulp before the disease spreads to the tooth and surrounding tissues. If left untreated, it is possible for an abscess to form in the root tip.

This infection can eventually cause damage to the bone around the teeth and can risk degrading your oral health.

The procedure for root canal therapy first involves your dentist making sure the tooth is suitable for the procedure. Once the procedure begins, they will use a dental dam around the tooth to reduce the risk of external bacteria from your mouth causing further infection. A dental drill with a fine tip is used to drill into the tooth and the infected area is ideally removed. After this, the area is packed with a specialized dental sealant. It is important to note that after the procedure, your tooth may receive a dental crown. The reason for this is that it is likely that the root canal procedure will reduce the structural integrity of your tooth.

However, in some instances, our dentists in Whitby may recommend using a tooth extraction to preserve your overall oral health in instances when a root canal is not the recommended procedure.

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