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White/Composite Dental Fillings in Whitby

The use of metallic or amalgam was a standard practice used for fillings not too long ago. Before, they were thought of as the only effective materials that could withstand chewing. The disadvantages concerning these materials were that they required an extensive amount of drilling in the tooth to install, contained about 50% of mercury (a substance that has been proven to be more toxic than lead, cadmium, or arsenic), would often stain the teeth, and reduce the beauty of the teeth.

However with the advancements of dental materials and ‘composite filings’ you are now able to get tooth-coloured fillings that are safer and far more attractive. With the increasing availability of white fillings and as the dangers associated with amalgam fillings have been giving a rising concern, more people are opting to have their cavities filled with beautiful white, tooth-coloured fillings. White fillings are usually made from composite resin, while ‘composite filings’ are made from porcelain like materials. At Whitby Smile Centre, our skilled cosmetic dentist will precisely match the ‘composite filling’ with the natural colour of your teeth or provide you with white filings that are virtually invisible.

If you’re concerned with the amalgam fillings in your mouth or have any questions about white or composite fillings contact our Whitby dental office today! We are here to help and bring back your bright and healthy smile.

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