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Dentures in Whitby

Dentures are artificial removable teeth replacements made from hard resin for natural teeth and gum tissue. They may be the perfect solution for anyone who has had an accident, disease, or suffered from poor health care which has left them with damaged or missing teeth. They are formed to your mouth and are custom designed by Dr. Majedi to fill in those missing spaces and match your existing teeth. Dentures can also be full or partial. Meaning they can be used to replace all of your teeth, just the top or bottom gum line section of the mouth, or for only a few of missing teeth.

Dentures are a great alternative because not only do they help restore and improve the appearance of your smile, they also help keep the structure of the mouth in place by supporting the structures around the cheeks and lips. Additionally, dentures do not limit your ability to chew and eat the food that you love. They make it possible for you to keep the same diet and stay well nourished. Dentures allow you to remove the trouble some teeth and replace them with a stronger and much more attractive alternative.

If you are considering dentures, book an appointment with us at Whitby Smile Centre. Determine whether dentures are the right option for you.

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