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Solutions for Patients With Dental Anxiety in Whitby

Dental Freezing in Whitby

dental freezing in whitby for dental anxiety or fear of the dentist -Whitby Smile Centre providing urgent dental care for boh family and cosmetic dentistry.

A common complaint that is given in the dental chair is that the patient hates needles. In his 1995 study “Needle Phobia: A Neglected Diagnosis,” James Hamilton estimated that nearly 10% of adults suffer from a needle phobia. This phobia in often results in patients forgoing treatment, resulting in future problems.

However, in certain situations, there are alternatives available. At Whitby Smile Centre in Ontario, we use a device called The Wand® which is a computer controlled delivery system that delivers a freezing sensation without the use of a standard syringe.

A key difference between The Wand® system and a traditional syringe is that the visual look of The Wand® is designed to look like a pen. The Wand® also has sensors which assist the dentist with dosage and pressure. As such, the system helps with controlled local administration of the anaesthesia which is designed to reduce the chances of the numbness spreading throughout further areas of the mouth.

Book an appointment to discuss your options for a comfortable visit with one of our Whitby dentists. Our clinic is located on Brock St. North, just south of Rossland and we are now accepting new patients in Whitby, Oshawa.

Nitrous Oxide in Whitby

Another solution to your dental anxiety is Nitrous Oxide, which is just the scientific term for laughing gas. It is an effective anesthetic that is widely used in dentistry to help ease the patient and keep them relaxed during their visit to our Whitby dental office.

Nitrous Oxide is the right solution for you if:

  • You avoid going to the dentist due to nervousness or fear
  • Have difficulty getting numb through freezing
  • You have extremely sensitive teeth
  • Have a fear of needles, drill, or other treatments

How it works:

The gas is dispensed through a mask which is placed over the nose. It takes about 30 seconds to 5 minutes until it can come into effect and cause the patient to feel a pleasant level of sedation. Some patients may even experience numbness in the gums and cheeks. Our specially-trained dental team at Whitby Smile Centre will monitor you throughout the whole process, so there is nothing for you to worry about! The best part about Nitrous Oxide is that unlike IV or general anesthesia, the patient will almost always be able to get home on their own.

For any questions or concerns regarding Nitrous Oxide, feel free to contact Whitby Smile Centre for more information.

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